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Tara Long: Cult Supply
Isaac Kariuki & Rayanne Bushell
Poncili Creacion
Sam Lopez De Victoria
Cat Del Buono: Voices
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upcoming exhibitions
Isaac Kariuki & Rayanne Bushell: Skype Fashion Week

05/19 - 05/24



Misael Soto

05/25 - 05/31

opening hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday 11AM – 5PM
Saturday 1 – 9 PM
Sunday 11AM – 5PM
latest news
Article in the Miami Herald About TAZ: Local Artists Work Takes Center Stage At MoCA.
Cat Del Buono's piece for the Miami Herald: Hear the voices of dometic-violence survivors
Guillermo León Gómez's Speech Actions written up in the Miami New Times [link].
Meta-Gallery Returns to Miami March 21st
Meta-Gallery opens at MoCA as part of Alternative Contemporaneity: Temporary Autonomous Zones.
Reception 3/21/15. 7-10pm.


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