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Tara Long: Cult Supply

May 5 - 10


“I travelled through a land of men,
A land of men and women too,
And heard and saw such dreadful things
As cold earth wanderers never knew."

-William Blake, from The Mental Traveler



Week 8 at Meta-Gallery welcomes Miami artist/community fixture Tara Long for her multi-faceted and transforming project Cult Supply. Meta-Gallery will become a space for installations, performances, rituals, and gatherings with friends, artists, and special guests.

Tuesday, May 5th at 4pm: Tara will inaugurate the space with a 20 minute guided meditation with special guest Amanda Wong.


Wednesday, May 6: TBA


Thursday, May 7: TBA


Friday, May 8: TBA


Saturday, May 9: TBA


Sunday, May 10: TBA/closing

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