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Liz Ferrer and Kathyrn Marks: Dinner Prologue

03/19 - 03/22/2015


Dinner Prologue is the foundation for a series of dinners—modeled after the absurdist parties  described in F.T. Marinetti’s Futurist Cookbook—at  which artists will play the role of party planner and host in an experimental journey into the possibilities of the ‘dining experience’. The meaning of food, feeding, taste, satiation and digestion will be ‘set’ in accordance with the host’s relationship to each. The table, its surface, structure, and the space it defines will also be left to the host to interpret. When all these aspects come together at the diner, the potential for new forms of communication, discourse, even food hangovers, is conceivable. The possibilities are limitless.


Here, an assemblage of reclaimed objects is arranged to suggest a dining area. Though nonfunctional and without physical food served, the potential space created by the table goes to illustrate how open the dinner parties will be to the host’s interpretation of what it means to dine and where sustenance comes from. The ‘table’, ‘chairs’, and accoutrements here can be reassembled or reinterpreted just about anywhere: a total autonomous zone, a spontaneous and informal coming together where food for the mind, body, or both can come into play for the duration. Each dinner will, likewise, be a sovereign experience offered up on, in, and around the table.

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